Whatever it is, it’s not for everyone

by / Wednesday, 23 January 2008 / Published in Advertising

On any given day, I work with clients all across the service spectrum. Engineers one hour, non-profits the next, and the medical industry the next.

One thing that I’ve learned, I am not the target market for 75% of the campaigns I work with. This doesn’t stop me from being able to step back with my team and look at what will and will not work for each individual company. Also, clients know a lot more than we typically give them credit for. They may not know design, but they certainly know the product. A lot can be learned about advertising and marketing from each client.

I bring this up because of the current YouTube videos that I’ve been posting here on the blog for Gentlemen’s Top Cuts. They have been a test to see what could be accomplished for almost nothing. Five minutes of letting them have fun, five minutes to upload video to YouTube, and five minutes to post on the blog. The result? They are now a client of mine, they’ve received increased web traffic, and we have now had a chance to start a true plan to maximize what new media really can do to help turn them into a phenomenon.

Would the GTC videos bring me in as a client? Nope, but the next project we work on with them might.

Will the videos bring in other clients? Yep, those that they are targeted to.

If you are looking for new and unique ways to reach each of your target markets, drop us a note.