Advertisers to get make-goods because Speed Racer is a flop?

by / Sunday, 18 May 2008 / Published in Advertising

Once again drawing attention to an article from AdAge, here’s one that has me mildly perplexed. Apparently there is consideration of providing additional advertising benefit for advertisers that didn’t get the expected results from promotional tie-ins with the spectacularly lackluster ‘Speed Racer.’

I’m not perplexed about why marketers would want all the attention they can get for the money they spend, but why would they get additional support for making poor advertising choices? I could wax philosophical about this one for hours, and it would be far too boring for reading, but it raises an interesting discussion topic. Who’s to blame for McDonald’s not selling enough burgers from a poor marketing decision? They had every opportunity to go place that buy with Iron Man…where Burger King looked pretty good in a cameo.