Twitter, and it’s sometimes still hard to explain why folks should blog

by / Tuesday, 03 June 2008 / Published in Web/Tech

I absolutely love Twitter, despite its flaws. I joined into the revolution in April of this year, and have found both new friends and new clients within its ranks. I like it so much, I just placed a banner ad on one of my favorite blogs at the Knoxville News Sentinel encouraging people join me in Twitter-land.

For those that don’t yet know what it is, it’s basically a micro-blog. 140 characters or less, just giving basic updates on what you happen to be up to at any given moment (in a meeting with X, just noticed a fantastic ad for X, the service really sucks at X).

This fascinating tool, along with other online social networking opportunities, presents some exciting options for businesses of all types by reaching out to folks in a brand new way.

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