Following up on following Mad Men

by / Thursday, 28 August 2008 / Published in Public Relations

A few days ago I posted a link about following your favorite Mad Men on Twitter. Since then, there’s been some concern over whether that would be allowed to continue. (I’m posting in a hurry, so do a quick Google search if you want a link to details!).

I’m a hardcore fan of the show, and have had no end of fun watching posts on my Twitter feed from names I associate with the program. I make stuff up for a living and I know this isn’t real, but I love stepping into fictional conversation with Roger Sterling and Peggy Olson, and was mildly disturbed during the time that Joan Holloway wasn’t following my Twitter feed.

It looks like AMC is going to allow the Twittering to continue. Good call. Pay these folks for making us look forward to our weekly fix of Mad Men even more….

For more information, visit We Are Sterling Cooper.