Staying relevant in an uncertain economy

by / Wednesday, 01 October 2008 / Published in Current Affairs

It’s not a secret that we’re facing an uncertain economy, but when has it ever been certain? Most of us in the business world have taken chances and rolled the dice several times to get where we are.

Rather than give up or pull back, now is the time to move forward. Positioning your products and services so that they remain relevant in times of uncertainty will allow you to gain even greater ground in the market over time. Think carefully about the message you are conveying, and make sure it’s in line with the needs and concerns of your consumers.

If you have to pull back on brochures and ads, strengthen your position in the world of social networking. If you are in a rut with your design, do something new while your competitors are waiting out the financial storm.

Shake things up and do something new, get out there, and reinvent your own relevance.