Good ideas aren’t enough

by / Wednesday, 07 January 2009 / Published in Advertising

About a year ago I began working with a great group of folks, that had a great idea. The problem was that they all had a slightly different view of this great idea. Over a few short months, I witnessed something with a great deal of potential (four somethings, if you count all the varied views) simply dwindle away and die. Not only did the idea die, but it took a lot of startup funding with it.

Although you can't see all the possibilities that lie ahead, a solid strategic plan is necessary to weather the uncertainties. A solid brand and identity are just as important, you can't move forward if you don't know who you are…and if you don't know who you are, how can you tell anyone else? What are the marketing and public relations plans for your efforts?

Whether you're with a new company or an existing brand that has stood the test of time, make sure you've planned for tomorrow. What often feels like an exercise in futility, all the planning, can very well pull you out in a time of need.

(That said, don't be afraid to look at new opportunities and break the mold that you've set for yourself. But that's another topic.)