Cobbler’s children

by / Tuesday, 20 January 2009 / Published in Public Relations

After spending the past year consulting clients and managing their online social networking campaigns, I realized that we at z11 communications have no shoes. 

I've Twittered with the absolute best of them. For the past 9 weeks, we've averaged at least one new job per week that is directly related to Twitter activity. Aside from using Twitter for personal gain, we've set up every possible facet of social networking campaigns for several clients. In the next few days the world will have new online social networking campaigns promoting laser hair removal, apartments, medical tests, spider veins, fine dining, and a marathon – all developed here at z11.

Aside from Twitter, however, we have no personal footprint in the online social networking arena. In the next few days we'll be moving our online portfolio to our new fan page on Facebook, and inviting folks to join us in our Ning sandbox, and we might even tie into to some things you haven't yet had a chance to try.

We have a few busy days ahead of us, just getting ourselves halfway caught up with the clients we advise. It's about time we had shoes.