This is now officially NOT our last blog post

by / Friday, 06 March 2009 / Published in Uncategorized

Today was the day I had intended to shut the blog down, and turn it into a full Twitter feed.

Due to the fact that it's hard to make time to visit the blog, I've been debating this change for quite some time. Far more people take interest in the little snippets than long-form text anyway.

The concern I've had about taking away the blog is the history of articles and how friendly they are when it comes to helping out with search engine traffic. Then, today, the day that I was planning to sign off on the new adjustments to our web site – a new prospect called us, and became a client before the end of the day…and they found us based on the text from a blog entry that is six months old.

That being said, blog entries about current projects are coming soon. I can't help it, it pays to do it. :)