Falling trees and tweets

by / Tuesday, 21 July 2009 / Published in Web/Tech

At the moment, is there much of a difference in a tree falling in a secluded forest…and a Tweet?

Those that have been using Twitter for quite some time will understand what I mean. Back in the dark ages, maybe six months ago, there were a few million fewer Twitter users, and a few million fewer Tweets. Now, as the platform is evolving as a communications tools, it seems that every brand, company, store, business, nonprofit, individual, theology, and pet has its own Twitter account.

Like a tree in a forest, Tweets still have all the physical impact they once had. As the tree vibrates the surroundings, the Tweets still pop up in feeds. But, are people still hearing them? The multi-faceted answer to that question is far too long for this posting, but will be touched upon in the coming days. At least, now, with utilities such as ping.fm, we have the ability to run around and tell people in multiple forests that our tree fell.

Twitter is a useful tool, and it's going to become an even more useful tool. However, usage is going to evolve dramatically in the coming months. Just as the numbers of users swelled, they'll dip. 

Hopefully, soon, we'll leave our narcissism at the door and look at the great communications tool in front of us. Now, time to go sift through all the Twittascopes and pull out some content nuggets.