Five for five

by / Friday, 14 August 2009 / Published in Catch-All

I'm always a bit concerned about putting time and resources into an RFP. It burns out the designers and sometimes drains the hours from real projects that are facing real deadlines. However, the rush and sense of urgency are often exciting and get the creative juices flowing in new directions.

Five RFPs crossed the desk about eight weeks ago and we made the decision to go after all of them. We developed one very solid format and then customized it for each of the five projects. Averaging everything out, we probably only had about $500 in staff time in each RFP.

We just heard from the last outstanding RFP, and have now won all five. Woohoo! 

Planning ahead and making our materials stand out made all the difference in the world. We can do this for you too, just give us a call at 865-425-7771 or email Zane.