Community Clients

by / Thursday, 27 August 2009 / Published in Clients

As I spent the morning dawdling over a hot cup of Java, the thought of crawling back into bed and calling it a day did float through the gray matter.  Funny thing though, as I checked the calendar, and a couple of emails from home, my attitude began to change and I actually wanted to get going and come into the office.

The only reason for the attitude change is that the Z11communications office is buzzing with new activity.

Our friend and partner of various projects, Ullrich Printing, opened an Oak Ridge office next door to Z11.  Not only do we share a coffee pot, we share a desire to provide excellent customer satisfaction.  Way to go Ullrich Printing for stepping up with the Keep Anderson County Beautiful committee as they celebrate a major milestone.

And speaking of home town clients… it is so much fun to walk into a meeting and then realize that I know one or more of the principals either from the gym, other committee work, or just running around town.  That is the beauty of working for a small office, we care about our clients, because they are also our friends and neighbors.