“Have you quit beating your wife?” Swaying public opinion with half the facts.

by / Sunday, 20 September 2009 / Published in Uncategorized

I’ve recently made several comments about my growing distaste for the increasingly narcissistic use of Twitter and other social networking outlets. Social networking content often ranks close to that of reality television, there’s a lot of noise but very little of worth.

This is front-and-center for me at the moment due to a blog article I just read on the Knoxville New Sentinel web site. The article references a lawsuit filed by a marketing company against a restaurant that posted a comment that, according to the article, went to more than 300 Facebook friends.

At the time of this posting, there are two comments on the story. Both of which supporting the lawsuit. Supporting the lawsuit? This “support” is coming based on partial information and no explanation as to why the restaurant made a knee-jerk posting. 

I’m not standing up for any variation of defamatory comments, but I’m also rather impartial to judging folks without all the information. 

Is it possible that the lawyer that posted this story is working with the law firm representing the marketing company that is suing the restaurant? If so, would there be any benefit from having people post messages on the Knoxville News Sentinel web site supporting the lawsuit? 

To me, this is like asking someone if they’ve quit beating their wife. If they don’t get a chance to explain, you can sway opinion anyway you like with nothing more than a snippet of a conversation.