Observations after working with interns and recent graduates

by / Sunday, 10 January 2010 / Published in Uncategorized

In the past year we’ve had some great, and some ‘WOW! not-so-great’ ones, as well.

We’ve had PR, communications, marketing, and design help from various colleges. Some come in and are afraid to look up and smile, others come in ready to tackle the world.

The one consistency, so far, regardless of where the interns come from, is the LACK of understanding of what’s going on around them.

Twitter? They have no interest and don’t come with a built-in understanding of how it can be used to facilitate communications.

Facebook? It’s a place for imaginary farming and sharing pictures and opinions we used to find it best to keep to ourselves.

Even Pandora…”I’ve heard of it,” is the culmination of my last two attempts to delve into conversation with someone under 25.

Public Relations? Writing a concise press release and an attention-getting media alert is the focus of the PR students I’ve met recently.

I’m worried that companies that don’t embrace modern communications channels will be rendered dinosaurs in the coming years, or even months. What does this say about the students that graduate without an understanding of today’s communications? They’ll be left behind before they even get out of the gate.