Harassment, it’s not just for the telephone in 2010

by / Thursday, 04 March 2010 / Published in Uncategorized

In the past week, I’ve had four salespeople contact me through Twitter to ask how they can get more business out of me. No warm-up, no wait to see if I’d start following them, just Tweeting with @zanehagy or @z11comm in the message, and trying to assist me with clients.

For those of you using Twitter, do you remember when it was cool? Talking about the things you liked, disliked, promoted….I tried to keep 80% of it personal, and sprinkle in a few pieces of data that I thought people would find worthwhile.

Now, it seems that most of the folks online have one  of two goals. To move product, or to sell you on the idea of how to get more followers. I have no idea why I’d want to buy more followers that’ll try to sell me things, but I guess it could make me feel loved.

Harassment from the sales call used to be restricted to the phone, but those days are gone. I’m just waiting for the FCC to put forth a DO NOT TWEET list, so that people can’t talk about me if they only want to push something on me.