Noble Wise launches voter awareness campaign with 8-month horseback ride across America, beginning March 22

by / Sunday, 14 March 2010 / Published in Uncategorized
Frustrated with state of America, man to spread message to “Vote Out Career Politicians” while visiting with as many people as possible before the polls close in November 2010


03.14.2010 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: DALLAS, GA. – After spending the past several years watching a decline in the American political system, Noble Wise has decided it’s his duty to stand up and help put the course back on track. 
“I have a simple mission,” states Noble Wise. “To ride horseback across this great nation and speak with and encourage other American Patriots to answer a call for action. The American people have never been as angered by career politicians as they are today, and rightfully so. My goal is to suggest to other American Patriots that now is the time to unite as one non-partisan people in order to show our disgust at the polls in November of 2010. Vote against all incumbent politicians regardless of party.” 
With the belief that inaction of the American people has allowed corruption and ineffectiveness to become the norm in American politics, Noble believes that voting out all incumbents is the most direct way to fix the system. 
“The pros and cons of this answer to the problem are clear,” adds Noble. “The worst negative would be that some good politicians would have to fall to the wayside. We should, however, remember that they have been just as ineffective as the bad ones. Secondly, one could argue that having a Congress full of freshmen would be worse than what we have today, yet I reason the freshmen would not know how to take advantage of us as easily as our current representatives already do.” 
“The first positive would be that the power of the majority party would shift to a more conservative legislature, giving the American people a break from this spending spree our Congress has been on. Secondly, the lobbyist and special interest groups would have to start their bribery and such all over, at great expense I hope! Another positive is our representatives would know the people’s power at the polls and would be reminded just exactly whom they work for. But, most importantly, the American people’s faith in the electoral system would be restored and they could see that there is power in unity.” 
As Noble makes his way across America, he hopes to spur discussion by talking with as many media outlets and other Americans as he can. With a slow pace of about 20 miles per day, he’ll have plenty of time. He also hopes that other horseback riders, motorcyclists, walkers, and anyone else who can will join him along the way to the streets of D.C. in November. 
Noble’s journey begins at noon on March 22 at ThreadMill Mall in Austell, Georgia. More information and a detailed itinerary is available at or by calling 865-384-8564.