Working with a client to get customers to do what we do, and it’s working

by / Thursday, 25 March 2010 / Published in Uncategorized

The Pizza Kitchen has proven to be a fun client for reasons beyond the great food. They’re open to new ideas, and trying things out…just to see what’ll happen. 

As we continue to grow the brand, we finally decided (as a team), that it’s time for a slogan.

In talking to customers, The Pizza Kitchen means different things to different people. So, rather than sit in our ivory circus tent and create our versions of what people are thinking, we’ve put this one in the hands of the customers and launched a slogan contest.

We’ll be collecting suggestions for a slogan through April 30, 2010. The author of the selected slogan will receive pizza for a year (one pizza each week for a year).

If you’re a fan of PK, click the following link and let us know what PK is to you.

What is the Pizza Kitchen?