First blog post via iPad – it’s new, but is it revolutionary?

by / Sunday, 04 April 2010 / Published in Uncategorized

This is the first, of what may be many, blog postings from the new iPad.

After just a few hours of tinkering, it’s easy to see that the laptop is going to spend a lot less time in its case. Clearly, this little device can’t replace laptops (yet), but it’s going to carve out a nice space.

Getting the negatives out of the way quickly. The speaker is a bit weak, the fingerprints are darn visible when the screen is off, existing iPhone apps are a bit small on the screen,and it’s a tiny bit heavier than I want by reading material to be.

So far, that’s it on the weaknesses. The speed of this little bugger is wonderful, and it’s far easier to type on flat glass than I’d ever expected. If you’re a social media junkie, apps galore can have you tuned in wherever you may be.

z11 already uses for sharing data, so jumping into shared documents in the iPad wasn’t really a transition. So far, all the existing files have worked just fine, and I’ve had no problem opening up Microsoft files that have been emailed through.

Overall setup of the device was pretty much as simple as turning it on. iTunes did all the work.

Is the iPad revolutionary? That’s a strong word, but Apple does have a way of filling a need we didn’t know we had. MP3 players weren’t new when the iPod came out, and the market was revolutionized by filling a need when the current product offerings simple weren’t hitting the mark. In the same way, little portable netbook computers have been on the shelves for quite some time and I’ve never felt a need for one.

The iPad doesn’t try to do what a laptop can do, just smaller, it is a step towards filling a need that some folks don’t yet know they have.  

[any typos and grammar errors in this posting and future postings, I blame on the fact that I’m typing on a small glass screen]   :)