Keep your eye on the prize – ROI, social media, & planning

by / Thursday, 22 April 2010 / Published in Advertising, Planning, Public Relations, Web/Tech

Okay, so your business:

  • has a Mayor on Foursquare,
  • was Yelped! with a review,
  • has more than 1000 people that like them (ah, but they used to be true fans) in Facebook,
  • feeds data through Google Buzz,
  • has a LinkedIn page,
  • and sends 140-character missives on Twitter to more than 1500 people.

So what? What are you truly doing with these tools, and how are you reaching out to influence behavior and share true information with all your friends and followers?

These things are wonderful, and you can’t ignore them. Ignoring social media public relations would be similar to not putting oil in your car. You’ll be able to chug along so far, but eventually everything is going to seize up.

If you’re using all these tools and don’t yet have a plan, create one now. Take a look at each online tool you’re using, think of those you’re reaching, and create goals for these audiences. Also, and here is the big one that so many folks tend to overlook, think of the time that you’re putting into these pieces and contemplate what you’re receiving in return (and what you expect to receive over time).

Make sure that there is a reasonable ROI for your efforts. Each day I see professional after professional put hours into social media tools and celebrate results that they could have obtained by hiring a student to walk around wearing a sandwich board.

Want help with your plan? That’s why we’re here.