Grassroots Organization Addresses the use of Toxic Dispersants in the Gulf

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Clean the Gulf Now encourages public information and the use of bioremediation.

A citizen funded organization has stepped forward with a goal of protecting the public’s and nature’s interests in the clean up efforts in the Gulf of Mexico. Clean the Gulf Now(CTGN), an independent group founded in response to the pending damages resulting from BP’s oil catastrophe in the gulf, is demanding that BP stop using toxic dispersants, specifically Corexit, to control the oil that is currently pumping out into the waters off the coast of Louisiana. The organization is calling for a change to a more environmentally friendly process, called bioremediation.

CTGN has launched a website ( to better educate the public on the immediate and long term effects using toxic chemicals to address oil spills, and to grow awareness and support for safer, more ecologically friendly methods of handling the spill.  The group maintains that in some cases the detergents are more toxic than the oil itself, and provides evidence that bioremediation, a process that breaks down the oil on a microbial level, will allow the affected area and various species found there to recover from this tragedy more completely and in a shorter period of time.

CTGN founder, Jennifer Roth, felt she had no choice but become involved. “Like the rest of my friends and family on the coast, I’ve never been one to sit and wait for anyone to take care of me. The problem in the wake of the BP oil catastrophe in our Gulf of Mexico, is that no one knows really how to “take care of this”. That stops now. I’m done watching in horror as BP makes a bad situation worse with the toxic dispersant Corexit, destroying and forever altering life as we know, life as the delicate sea creatures in the Gulf know it. And I’m done watching the government, USCG and local officials do their dance around BP, talking a good game but accomplishing very little. I’m done watching images of the marshes and wetlands die, and doing nothing about it.”

Multiple requests are received daily for information about how to best donate resources, so CTGN has teamed with “Save Our Gulf,” an initiative of the Waterkeeper Alliance and Mobile Baykeeper, in attempt to better communicate and promote their message and bring about effective change to the situation at hand. A link to Mobile Baykeeper is on the CTGN site.

McClurg explains why Mobile Baykeeper was selected as the official recommendation for donations. “Being from Mobile, I know Mobile Baykeeper as they’ve been a vital part of the community for many years. The most important reason was they formed a coastal-wide effort, via Waterkeeper Alliance. All resources acquired for the Save Our Gulf effort are being distributed according to need across the alliance members in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. It is important at this time to have a coordinated effort across the gulf states.”

For more information about CTGN, or to interview the founder, call Jennifer Roth at 251.650.1495.

About Jennifer Roth, founder of CTGN
Jennifer McClurg Roth grew up on the gulf coast in Mobile, AL, spending lazy summers on Dauphin Island, Gulf Shores and Pensacola Beach. It’s not just her home, but a way of life for her and her family. Jennifer resides in Knoxville, TN now. With half her family still on the coast and the other half in Anchorage, AK, Jennifer is deeply passionate about educating the public and saving our environment from the BP oil catastrophe. After Hurricane Katrina, as the nation looked on in horror, Jennifer (living in Mobile at the time) teamed up with a group of locals who used personal funds to rent a fleet of buses, load them up with volunteer doctors and nurses and drove to the impacted areas to care for and bring out those at greatest risk during the aftermath. You can visit Jennifer’s personal blog here: