Location-based social networking (FourSquare and stuff like that)

First, a bit of location-based self-promotion for z11 communications. Our Ringleader, Zane Hagy, recently participated in a panel regarding FourSquare. You can watch the entire 54-minute discussion on Knoxivi or read an article about it in the Knoxville News Sentinel, written by our local social media guru/journalist Carly Harrington.

In a nutshell, location-based social networking tools provide users a chance to ‘check-in’ at locations using a mobile device, updating friends along the way, and competing for numbers of check-ins and specials that can be offered by various businesses.

FourSquare is getting the most attention at the moment, but Yelp, Gowalla, Facebook, Twitter, and dozens of other services are in the fight.

For individuals, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re giving out specific information on where you’re located. When deciding who to accept as friends, remember they’ll know where you are any time you use location-based tools. One of the concerns often raised is that you’re broadcasting your precise location to would-be robbers that you are not at home.

For businesses, just like Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, YouTube and other social networking tools, location-based networking isn’t for everyone. For those that have a product to sell, there are uses in offering special discounts to those that check-in at your business. This can be done for each check-in, after multiple check-ins, or in other various ways.

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