z11 communications launches new web site and branding for Samaritans Offering Support

by / Saturday, 03 July 2010 / Published in Uncategorized
Samaritans Offering Support (SOS) is a Knoxville based non-profit organization offering support to the seriously ill middle-class and their families to help cope with catastrophic medical expenses. With offices in Knoxville and Nashville, their financial assistance programs, education and community outreach programs offer many ways to help. 

The vision of SOS is a better well-being for all middle-class Americans. SOS envisions a life where all people have access to healthcare, live in safe neighborhoods, grow up in economically stable families and can seek out medical care without fear of crushing debt.

To help with their efforts, z11 communications has worked with them to update the overall brand and launch a new web site. More information is available at SOSMD.ORG, where anyone can easily download an application, learn more about the programs SOS offers or how to get involved.