Jantzen moments, and justification of such

by / Sunday, 01 August 2010 / Published in Uncategorized
If you aren’t a Mad Men fan, you may not recognize a ‘Jantzen moment,’ but if you watched Don Draper lose his calm with Jantzen, you know exactly what I mean.

There’s nothing like pitching great ideas to people that have no interest in listening. And sometimes, sending them out of the office is the only answer.

I know, we’re supposed to lead folks towards advertising, public relations, and design enlightenment. And, I enjoy that process when the subjects are willing to listen. I often learn as much as I teach, when discussion is a two-way street.

Sometimes, however, you find yourself beating your head on a brick wall, and nobody wins. I found myself in a ‘Jantzen moment’ this week. After several weeks of hearing how much of a hurry a client was in, only to learn they aren’t willing to take baby steps themselves…I snapped. “When you remember why you hired me, call me back and we can renegotiate. Otherwise, we’re done.”

There’s no reason to prolong something that’s not going to work. Making a few dollars, leading a client nowhere, and then allowing them to resent the agency for not being able to corral them isn’t worth the effort.

Agencies have a lot to offer. Not just z11 communications, there are a lot of fine choices. However, don’t go in if you want to do everything the way it has always been done. If that’s what you want, you can stand still without making the effort to pretend you’re moving.