Zingo Knoxville

by / Wednesday, 15 December 2010 / Published in Catch-All

If you don’t yet know about Zingo Knoxville, it’s an interesting concept that’s rather new here. If you happen to have a bit too much to drink, you could always take a taxi home…but then you have to find your way to your car the next day.

Zingo Knoxville is here to get you AND your car home safely. They pull up on a little motor bike, that will fold up small enough to fit in the trunk of a Mini Cooper. They happily drive you home, then ride away on the motor bike, with a job well done.

z11 was lucky enough to have been brought in to help develop a logo and communications calendar for Zingo Knoxville, and we’re also working on some simple web revisions to spruce things up a bit.

Check them out, and keep them in mind during the Holiday season. Take care of yourself, and your friends. Heck, they even have a valet service too.