Nature’s Toiletries brings one-stop shopping for men’s organic toiletries

by / Friday, 14 January 2011 / Published in Catch-All

LOS GATOS, CA – (Jan. 12, 2011) – Nature’s Toiletries is a one stop shop for men’s natural and certified organic toiletry products. Nature’s Toiletries, conceived and owned by Matt Lyles, is dedicated to providing a helpful and informative resource for males looking for healthy and organic skin care products. Although resources exist for organic toiletries, it is believed that Nature’s Toiletries is the first dedicated solely to the needs of men.

“I love being outdoors. As a avid snowboarder, surfer, wake-surfer and retired professional volleyball player, protecting myself from the elements is an everyday practice for me,” states Lyles. “As I sought out organic products for myself, the task became daunting. I was unable to find a single online resource that had them all in one place, and the information distinguishing all-natural, organic, and other products was often misleading.”

“I work daily to stay current on research regarding organic skin care products, false labeling and harmful ingredients, and bring that information to our visitors. Our overall goal is summed up in our slogan, ‘Your body, your site, your choice. Live well.’

In order to promote awareness for the site and education regarding natural and organic products, special online promotions via Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube will be utilized year-round to provide incentives to visitors to learn more about the benefits of using organic skincare.

Nature’s Toiletries is my commitment to men’s supply in all-natural body, hair, face, sun care, oral care, foot care, with more products being added each week.


About Nature’s Toiletries:

Nature’s Toiletries is located in Los Gatos, CA and does not create nor manufacture any of the products on this website, but rather make all these quality products available to its customers in one healthy place. Manufactures include Alteya, Aubrey, Clearly Organics, Dr. Bronner’s, Ecolution, Hempys, Kathy’s Family, Lafe’s, Leap Organics,Logona, Mrs. Greenbalm, EcoLips, Nature’s Paradise, Soleo USA, Trillium Organics, Vermont Soap Co., and Weleda. For more information, visit, follow natrltoiletries on Twitter, or call 1-888-901-9770.