Pin High Pro challenges East Tennessee to hit 1 million golf balls in support of American Cancer Society, also swings for Guinness record

by / Monday, 18 July 2011 / Published in Catch-All

Beginning on Friday, September 2, at 12:00:01 a.m., and continuing on through 11:59:59 p.m. on Sunday, September 4, golf enthusiasts of all levels from across East Tennessee will be reporting to Fairways and Greens in Knoxville to accept an “impossiball” mission – to hit 1 million golf balls within a 72 hour timeframe.  The event, which will benefit the American Cancer Society, is sponsored by Pin High Pro, ESPN Radio Knoxville, z11 communications and Fairways and Greens Golf Center.

Carl Papa, of Pin High Pro, came up with the idea as a fun and innovative way to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

“To the best of our knowledge, nothing like this has ever been done before,” said Papa.  “To make this happen, we have to move 13,889 golf balls each hour. It should be quite a spectacle to see. We’re also making a Guinness World Record attempt on Saturday. We are recruiting 12 golfers to work with us in a 24-hour event, with the goal of putting 20,000 balls into a target area during the timeframe. Guinness has worked with us to create this new category, and we’re hoping to be the first group to achieve this goal. Our goal is to raise money to support the American Cancer Society.  Setting a record would just be the icing on the cake.”

“To say meeting our goal of hitting one million golf balls in 3 days is difficult may be an understatement,” continued Papa, “but we’re going to have a lot of fun trying, and hopefully raise a lot of money. The cancer society does really good work towards finding a cure and assisting individuals and families who are affected by this disease, and we want to do our part to help.”

Participants, in what Papa hopes to become an annual event, will be able to register early to participate on the event’s website (, or at Fairways and Greens Golf Center, on Simmons Road in Knoxville, at any time during the event.  The cost to participate is $10 per hour, and will include an unlimited number of balls for each hour.

“There are a number of other activities planned for this three-day event,” said Papa, “including music, food, and a putting competition with a number of prizes donated to us for the event.  We are continually adding new surprises, and openly welcome any new sponsors that would like to participate.  We have scheduled live music for both Friday and Saturday night from 10 until 2, so this is really going to be a three-day long party, with some really positive results when it is all said and done.”

Crystal Mantooth, executive director for the American Cancer Society in Knoxville is thrilled by the upcoming event.

“Anytime your organization is chosen as a fund-raising beneficiary, it is exciting,” said Mantooth.  “We are looking forward to coming out to meet all of the golf enthusiasts in the area, hitting as many golf balls as we possibly can, and having a really great time.”

“The event will also require a significant number of volunteers if it is going to succeed,” said Papa.  “We need a lot of individuals to help us count all the balls as they go out to the golfers on the range, and some very organized individuals to help us keep each and every ball accounted for.  Keeping track of our progress towards 1 million golf balls is going to require a lot of smiling individuals, and we need all the help we can get.  I encourage any group or individuals interested in volunteering to sign up on our website.”  Go to for complete details, and to sign up.

For more information about Mission Impossiball, contact Zane Hagy at or 865-38408564.


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