Best Buy launches campaign to kill the holiday spirit, and it sucks. Game On, Best Buy.

by / Saturday, 03 December 2011 / Published in Advertising, Television

Best Buy has a hefty flight of commercials running at the moment, with a campaign that has a simple goal, the goal of draining what life is left out of the holiday spirit. The campaign, ‘Game On, Santa’ has at least guaranteed one thing, I’ll not be buying any holiday gifts from Best Buy this year.

Is it just me? Nope, here are some quick comments I found online:
– “Good job Best Buy! You just killed every kids christmas spirit! Keep up the good work……..assholes LOL”
– “I just bought a camera in Best Buy…You know what, I’m gonna return it. This commercial basically is saying that if Santa is a “cheap bastard” and if he doesn’t have enough money to give some pretty electronic gadget he better don’t even bother about it. Is that the spirit of Christmas???”
– “Thanks! Best Buy for showing us what the true meaning of Christmas means too you! The holiday’s are supposed to remind us to be kind to one another and to give to those less fortunate. To mock and dismiss a symbol that is the embodiment of all that is giving, pure, magical and child-like is right down rude and disgusting.”

If you haven’t yet seen the ad, here’s a link. What do you think?