Salon Visage announces new Visage Concierge iPhone/Android application

by / Thursday, 16 February 2012 / Published in Advertising, Clients, Public Relations, Social Media, Web/Tech
Recently, Salon Visage hosted its annual staff meeting, with more than 160 staff members on-hand. The purpose of the annual meeting is to celebrate the previous year and plan ways to continue to improve through the next year.

Supporting the 25-year mission of providing the ultimate customer service experience, the meeting closed with the announcement of a new iPhone/Android application called the Visage Concierge.

“This app isn’t just for fun, we’ve taken the ‘concierge’ term very seriously,” says Frank Gambuzza, co-owner of Salon Visage. “We have found a way to truly add value to those that wish to stay in touch with us by mobile phone. Users request appointments and receive appointment notification as well as check their scheduled visits by phone.”

“There is also a red phone on the app that is tied to four unique direct lines at our corporate office,” added Belinda Gambuzza, co-owner of Salon Visage. “Clicking on the red phone guarantees assistance with a personal touch during business hours. We’ll be on-hand to answer questions, schedule appointments, process gift orders, anything Salon or Spa related that users can think of.”

Notable features of the Visage Concierge application include:

* Requesting appointments

* Checking appointment schedules

* Access to the direct-line concierge service

* Specials that are only available by mobile device

* General information about Salon and Spa Visage and GPS guided directions

* Gallery of images, frequently updated with the most current hair styles

“Our goal was to keep the application simple,” states Monty Howard, General Manager. “This is our first mobile application, and we’ve held off until we could see the perfect reason to launch the service. Adding value to our services, rather than distracting from them, was very important.”

The new Visage Concierge application is available via iTunes, the Android Marketplace,, and on the Salon Visage web site at