Going from great to good, through social media

by / Sunday, 26 February 2012 / Published in Social Media

I’ll admit, there’s good money to be made by cleaning up messes other people make. However, if that’s what I wanted to do each day, I would have opened a cleaning service.

Far too often, we get a call long after a company has handed over their public image to someone on staff because they ‘Knew how to use Facebook and Twitter. They constantly carry a phone around and post updates.”

Your company has invested a great deal in your brand, both time and money. You likely have a brand style guide (if you don’t, you should, and it should include social media). Don’t hand over this valuable brand to someone because you like them and they have a social media presence, this doesn’t make them good at managing a company brand online.

Once the brand is compromised, it’s an uphill battle to rebuild equity, so make sure the person managing your online presence is qualified to do so. How do you know if they are? Take a look at every posting they’ve made on the company behalf…is that how you want your company represented?