Size matters…so measure it.

by / Saturday, 03 March 2012 / Published in Advertising, Social Media

Think back, as long as you can remember you’ve judged things based on size. Too big, too small, just right. Don’t let folks convince you size doesn’t matter, just make sure you’re measuring the right things.

Do you send electronic newsletters and auto-responders to prospects? If so, how deeply have you measured the ROI and reviewed the analytics? Don’t go to the trouble to set up a complex system without taking the extra step to go back and measure the results. If you put a system in place in 2011, you can be certain that by reviewing the results, you’ll find at least one adjustment you’d like to make to what you’ve done.

So, take a moment and go measure something of yours. Fix the things that need to be fixed, and brag about anything that’s bigger than you expected.