Resolve to move forward in 2013

by / Sunday, 30 December 2012 / Published in Current Affairs, Social Media

It’s that time of year, when everyone is talking about resolutions. Half the billboards are about ways to lose weight, look better, or ignore how heavy and out of shape you are by enjoying a large bottle of liquor.

A better business year for 2013 is only a few simple resolutions away. Take these simple steps to your best year ever.

  • return phone calls / answer phone: each day a client tells me how hard it was to reach a previous agency – if you can’t answer the calls, call back quickly
  • do the things on the task list that you keep rolling over: we all have a few tasks that we continually move to the next day because we can…well these items are on your list for a reason, knock them out and move on
  • finish things: that task that you expected to last six months, that you started in 2009, finish it
  • take a risk: at least once/day, you need that uneasy feeling that you aren’t 100% certain of success
  • play it safe: at least once/day, you need that content feeling that you are 100% certain of success
  • exercise: spend an hour working your body, the brain will follow
  • read the news, the real news: keep up with what’s really going on in the world
  • listen to the pulse: scan social media and trending topics to see what the others are thinking about
  • ignore the friend feed: quite checking your friend feeds so often, if you really liked these people you’d not need to poke so closely at what they do all day
  • social media is about being social: if you use social media for your business, engage people, quit forcing information as a one-way street

These are all simple and common-sense tasks, but it’s amazing how much they’re overlooked. Don’t overlook them. Do better in 2013.