“Facebook ‘likes’ have turned into a @#$% measuring contest.”

by / Sunday, 02 June 2013 / Published in Social Media

tape-measure.jpg.htmlBack in the stone-age, maybe 8 years ago, prospective clients often asked how to increase sales or foot traffic. Now, they most often ask how to increase their number of Facebook ‘likes’. It usually goes like this.

  • Prospective client: How do we get another 1000 Facebook ‘likes’.
  • z11: Why do you want them?
  • Prospective client: Because we need people to ‘like’ us on Facebook.
  • z11: What will you do with them after they ‘like’ you? Isn’t it more important to worry about the number of people we can influence rather than worrying about the number of random friends of friends of friends that ‘like’ your company on Facebook?
  • Prospective client: Oh, well, we can figure out how to influence them after they like us.

Just because someone ‘likes’ a page doesn’t mean they’ll see your company feed. It doesn’t mean they’ll have any reason to respond or react to anything you post. It doesn’t really mean much of anything, unless it is someone you can in some way influence. It doesn’t really even mean that they actually LIKE you.

After discussing this recently, someone listening came back with the response that sums it all up perfectly. “Facebook ‘likes’ have turned into a @#$% measuring contest.”

Focus on a plan and your message. Use Facebook as another tool to get your message across – but measure influence, not the size of your Facebook ‘likes’ list.