Back in the stone-age, maybe 8 years ago, prospective clients often asked how to increase sales or foot traffic. Now, they most often ask how to increase their number of Facebook ‘likes’. It usually goes like this. Prospective client: How do we get another 1000 Facebook ‘likes’. z11: Why do you want them? Prospective client:

Sometimes a project is simply fun to work on. This is one of them…more to follow soon. A movie, filmed in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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BBQ fans in East Tennessee have something new to look forward to. The Rotary Club of West Knoxville is bringing the Inaugural Rocky Top BBQ Cook-Off to Knoxville on May 3-4, 2013. Great food, music, entertainment, and more are in store…visit for more information.

We recently had a chance to design some window clings for Lange Animal Hospital. The project went so well that the printer, High Resolutions, decided to add the artwork to their blog…which in turn causes us to add it to ours. Visit the High Resolutions blog for more.

It’s that time of year, when everyone is talking about resolutions. Half the billboards are about ways to lose weight, look better, or ignore how heavy and out of shape you are by enjoying a large bottle of liquor. A better business year for 2013 is only a few simple resolutions away. Take these simple

Still arranging last-minute Christmas promotions and artwork? If so, you’re woefully behind. Find a spare minute, look at your calendar, and set hard deadlines to coordinate your holiday promotions far in advance. We’re knee deep in Valentine’s for several clients here, and hope to be further ahead this time next year. So, live through Christmas

Over the past few months we’ve picked up salon clients in several states, and will unveil bits of work as we go. Here’s the new logo and link to the new web site for Shear Art, located in Tampa, Florida.

The Oak Ridge Convention & Visitor’s Bureau has a new app! Locate restaurants, hotels, walking trails, and more. Iphone app. Android app.

Your communications hotline for the full gamut of agency services. Public relations, marketing, advertising, web design, branding, logos…you name it. Sample work is available in the galleries, but the exciting part is our new online creative brief and job queue. Submit jobs and receive push notifications of updates on all your creative needs and public

Salon Visage will unveil a major renovation later today, joined by local and national media. As we prep, here are some recent images BEFORE the completion of renovations.